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Sticker Atlas of the United States and Sticker Atlas of the World are reminiscent of sticker books that used to be family favorites in the 1960s when car travel did not include DVDs, iPods, and the like. These sticker atlases, with large, colorful pages and reusable stickers, are an entertaining way to learn geography.

Included in an inside pocket of each book is a unique 20” x 30” wall map with appropriate stickers. As a child completes the correct page, he marks his progress on the map with the matching sticker. These lively books are hardback, and spiral-bound, real pluses for anyone learning geography on the run.

Sticker Atlas of the United States Sticker Atlas of the World

The Sticker Atlas of the United States is full of fun state facts, with 200 attraction stickers of popular landmarks, activities, and events to complete the pages.

Attraction stickers for every state include popular landmarks, activities, foods and events. In addition, the sticker atlas comes with a super large wall map with an outline for each of the states and 50 state stickers to fill in the map. Kids can place a sticker on the map each time they learn about a new state. Complete the map and learn the USA!! Another cool thing about this atlas: it can be used as an educational tool as well as a scrapbook to document travels.

Each page of this atlas contains:

  • A place for a photo
  • Hidden gems to visit in each state
  • Three landmark stickers to add after visiting the sites
  • A state sticker to add to the large wall map included after visiting the state

The Sticker Atlas of the World has even more stickers that introduce your children to bits of history, natural science, and local languages of each continent.

This is a great introduction to geography, history, languages and habitats for every continent. The sticker atlas contains over 200 reusable stickers and over 70 pages filled with activities like labeling continents and adding photos to complete a scene. Children will be entertained for hours while learning geography and interesting facts. Each sticker book comes with a large removable 20" x 30" world map designed for crease-free folding. The coolest thing about this atlas is that it can be used as an educational tool as well as a scrapbook to document travels. It's loaded with fun!

  • Learn about each continent and country by adding the missing stickers
  • Learn native animals and habitats
  • Discover languages
  • Learn the history and explore unique places
  • After learning about each continent, place a continent sticker on the large world wall map

For ages 6 and up
$19.99 (hardcover, spiral bound)
$19.99 (hardcover, spiral bound))
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