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based on the art of Hilary Knight
written by J. David Stem and David N. Weiss
illustrated by Ted Enik

It's rawther extraordinary really
with apes and biplanes and thrills
and starring of course ELOISE

Here's the thing of it dahlings
Buy your popcorn now
and do find a seat quickly
The show is about to start
And you absolutely
cawn't miss it!

In 1957 on the set of Funny Face Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight first thought Eloise might go to Hollywood. Now forty-nine years later she'll finally have her silver screen debut

The aspiring young actress --- who probably would be a huge admirer of film star Shirley Temple --- takes readers behind the scenes of a movie production as she prepares to make her own big screen debut. We know that Eloise is ready for Hollywood, but is Hollywood ready for Eloise?

From Publishers Weekly
"If your mother is even one-half worth her salt then sooner or later she's bound to make the acquaintance of a famous Hollywood Movie Mogul who will insist you simply must must must drop in for a visit." And that's how Eloise, Nanny, Weenie and Skipperdee land in glittering Hollywood in this rollicking if overlong caper penned by screenwriters Stem and Weiss, who competently mimic the distinctive voice created by Kay Thompson. Choosing the mode of transport favored by "many famous studio types," Eloise and her traveling companions board a train for Los Angeles, where the Mogul's chauffeur gives them a tour of the town's hot spots before delivering them to the pleasingly pink Hollywood Hills Hotel. Not surprisingly, the aspiring young actress manages to steal the show as she eventually (in the book's last third) gets her (brief) moment in the spotlight in a movie starring a "boy genius who solves crimes for the President." Enik's (Love and Kisses, Eloise) flourishes-filled, animated pen-and-ink illustrations feature pink and turquoise watercolor washes, and pay homage to Knight's Eloise art. A bustling, full-color gatefold reveals Eloise joyfully romping through a studio back lot. The text and pictures have a more contemporary feel than those in the original tales, but the creators have mostly kept the essentials intact, and that's rawther good news. All ages. (Oct.)
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Ages 5 to 8
$17.95 (hardcover)
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