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These two maps feature up-to-date cartography, dramatic bright colors and a tear resistant material that is extremely durable.

These maps pop with vibrant color. But they are more than just color.  They show detailed relief with major physical features.  The world maps show all national capitals, major and smaller cities and major physical features. The US map shows time zones, major physical features, primary highways and freeways, major mountain peaks, state capitals, major cities and urban areas as well as national and state parks.

In addition to their attractive colors and highly-detailed cartography, these maps virtually can't be ripped.  Made from Tyvek, a synthetic material made of polyethylene fibers, they are almost impossible to tear. The World Map is available in a laminated version as well. 

Tyvek Laminated   Tyvek
28.5 x 50" 29.5 x 53.5"   33 x 53"


  • Van Der Grinten projection

  • Shows

    • Major physical features
    • Major water features
    • Major mountain peaks
    • International boundaries
    • International capitals
    • major cities
    • Major island chains
  • Contemporary design with 1/2" black border included in above measurement;

  • Detailed and accurate - updated 2013 with S. Sudan



  • Albers Equal Area projection

  • Shows

    • Time zones
    • Major physical features
    • Primary highways and freeways
    • Major mountain peaks
    • State boundaries
    • State capitals
    • Major cities and urban areas
    • National parks and state parks
  • Insets: Alaska and Hawaii
$29.99 $39.99   $29.99
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Tyvek® maps are packaged and shipped in protective shipping tubes.

Tyvek® or Laminated?

Tyvek® is an extremely versatile material offering a balance of physical characteristics that combine the best properties of paper, film, and cloth. Maps printed on Tyvek® benefit from the strength, light weight, all-weather survivability, and vibrancy of the material. Tyvek maps are smooth and paper-like yet durable as well as water- and tear-resistant. They are recyclable and don't end up in landfills

Hang a Tyvek® map with push pins or thumbtacks or mount it on a foam board. Doing so not only makes the map look great but will help preserve its integrity for years.

Laminated maps can't be recycled and they either end up in a landfill or, if incinerated, release toxic fumes. Moreover, the lamination creates glare from overhead lighting and sunlight, and pinholes in laminated maps tend to stretch causing the map to tear away from the pins.

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