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Map Wheel

Quickly and easily figure distances on a map -- at any scale. Produced by the Scalex Corporation, the world's leading manufacturer of digital plan scalers, the Map Wheel is a simple, fast and accurate way to measure distances on maps, whether in straight lines or along curves. Just set the Map Wheel's scale to match the map, then roll the unit along the route you want to measure. The distance is displayed instantly.


  • Easy to use
  • Offers 19 built-in common scales as well as the ability to enter and save any custom scale
  • Displays in miles, nautical miles, or kilometers
  • Counter buttons for counting stops or adding distances
  • Clear, audible tone indicates wheel movement
  • Easy-to-read liquid crystal display shows length, count and scale factor simultaneously
  • Runs on two AAA batteries (included); automatic shut-off assures long battery life; low battery indicator
  • Great for travel planning -- drivers, boaters, hikers, bikers, RVers, and map enthusiasts
  • Weighs less than a pound and measures less than 7 inches long
  • Comes with a user's manual
  • One-year limited warranty

Map Wheel Instructions (pdf file)

Customer comment:
"I have used the Brunton digital map measurer and the Scalex map wheel and there is no real comparison. As an engineer and an amateur cartographer I was looking for a professional grade digital map measuring tool and I have tried everything that I could find. The Brunton is OK but is more like a toy with too many features like a light, compass and calculator that are to small to be of any real value. I also had dependability issues with the Brunton. In fact I always had two of them on hand because out in the field I could not trust them. The Scalex is a few dollars more but it is well worth the extra cost."

Specially designed for the Map Wheel and made of high impact hard plastic, this rugged case provides the excellent protection for the Map Wheel. The case can also hold an extra set of batteries.
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