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The Royal Tombs of Egypt - Zahi Hawass

This is the first book to reproduce the wall paintings and murals in full.

Egypt: Gift of the Nile, an Aerial Portrait, photographs by Guido Alberto Rossi, text by Max Rodenbeck

The mystery and magic of a country called "the gift of the Nile" by Herodotus 25 centuries ago shine in 178 color photographs from the rare perspective of the air. Pharaohs' tombs, caliphs' mosques and sultans' palaces, modern Cairo as well as desert, oasis and seashore landscapes, come to life when seen from above. It is a new look at an ancient place and a worthy addition to the libraries of Egypt-lovers.

$55.00 (cloth)
Egyptian Palaces and Villas: Pashas, Khedives, and Kings - a look inside the opulent estates of the pashas, khedives, and great ladies of 19th-century Egypt, and the princes and kings of the early 20th century.

Ancient Egypt: The Great Discoveries, Nicholas Reeves

This year-by-year chronicle from the Rosetta Stone to the Valley of the Golden Mummies is the story of Ancient Egypt as it unfolded to the world at large -- a succession of discoveries. Some finds are world famous, others neglected or little known. All are brought to life by extracts from the notebooks, diaries, and published accounts of the excavators themselves, as well as by archival images and full-color photographs. Panoramic in scope, the book covers all periods of Egyptian civilization, from pre-dynastic to Greco-Roman, and all areas of the country, from the Delta to Nubia. It is as an illustrated history of discovery, a showcase of the greatest finds, and a superb reference.

$40.00 (hardcover)

Amelia Peabody's Egypt - a sweeping companion volume to the mystery series by Elizabeth Peters, a clever blend of fact and fiction. With this volume of Egyptian culture, history, and arcania, readerscan immerse themselves in the great lady's world more completely than every before.


Arabic Script, Gabriel Mandel Khân

This guide to the Arabic alphabet and writing styles also offers an overview of a culture and a civilization. The Koran places great importance on writing, and in the first verse of the holy book, reading and writing with the calamus, or reed pen, are praised as the source of all knowledge and all spiritual or scientific paths of change. Eventually Arabic script gave rise to calligraphic art. More highly regarded than painting, Arabic calligraphy is approached aesthetically like music, with its own rules of composition, rhythm, and harmony.

The pictures illustrate the letters, their variants, and calligraphic adaptations; the text explains the history and meaning of each letter, as well as its philosophical, theological, and cultural significance. While this book will be appreciated by linguists, graphic designers, and collectors of Islamic Art, it is also handy for travellers who wish to become familiar with the rudiments of the alphabet.

$24.95 (softcover)

Also available:
Chinese Calligraphy: From Pictograph to Ideogram: the History of 214 Essential Chinese/Japanese Characters, $24.95 (softcover)

MAYA SCRIPT, $24.95 (softcover)

HIEROGLYPHICS: The Writing of Ancient Egypt, $29.95 (hardcover)

Cats of Cairo: Egypt's Enduring Legacy, Lorraine Chittock

This is a captivating portrait of street-smart survivors whose ancestors in ancient Egypt were revered as gods. Far from being pampered house cats, these feisty creatures roam freely through the streets of Cairo. They were so beloved in ancient days that they were portrayed in statues, and upon the death of a cat, a lavish funeral was held. Since then, the tradition of adoring cats continues. The prophet Muhammed is said to have cut off his coat sleeve because he had to stand up for prayer and didn't want to disturb his cat, who was napping on his sleeve. Today, as the photographs in this volume reveal, the mystique of the cat lives on.

Chittock spent years taking intimate portraits of these Cairo inhabitants. She portrays their lunar eyes coolly scanning the relentless bustle around them and their long bodies slinking though souks and down alleys. The images and quotes paired with them, and the fascinating introduction trace the timeless bond between people and cats in Cairo, capturing the rhythm of life there -- its joys, sorrows, and deep sense of religion.

$24.95 (hardcover)
The Golden King: The World of Tutankhamun Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharoahs: Official Companion Book to the Exhibition sponsored by National Geographic
a chronicle of the Boy King and the royal dynasty that bred him the official companion book to the recent U.S. exhibition of Tutankhamun artifacts
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