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Boukhara • Khiva

Authors: Pierre Chuvin & Gérard Degeorge

Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva: centered around these Central Asian cities is a spectacular artistic heritage of architecture and decoration that has remained, until recently, just out of reach of globalization. The informed text and architectural detail captured in color photography, plans, and notes reinstates the magnificent mosques, fortresses, and residences to their proper place in the study of Islamic art. The volume pays tribute to a culture of building that withstood cycles of conquest and continued to thrive until Soviet power set in, preserving some of the most authentic building details in Asia.

This extraordinary volume delves into the vibrant artistic heritage of this once forbidden land, with photographs that demonstrate a truly rich and varied past, and reinstate the region's Islamic art within the chaos of world history.The insightful historic voyage begins over two thousand years ago when Alexander the Great approached the city walls and was stunned by it's invincible size and beauty. It recounts how merchants on the Silk Road and warring armies, headed by the likes of the Gengis Kahn, continued to cross paths for centuries in this region. Unceasing rivalries spurred these different parties to create ever more spectacular buildings, gardens and mosques. This books bears witness to the cultural legacy of an entire civilization.

$60.00 (hardcover)

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