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BORCH Italy Maps

About Borch maps

Borch maps are accordion-fold travel maps that conveniently fit in a pocket or handbag. 

Laminated for durability and brilliantly colored to delineate topography, these maps open like a book directly to the place you are looking for.

Easy to carry, easy to use and easy to read, these maps are relatively inconspicuous and make it easy to find where you are or where you're going.

Folded size: 9.5 x 4.25"

Tuscany Florence Rome Venice

Regional Map -

This soft-laminated folded map of Tuscany shows:

  • Tuscany 1:400 000
  • Florence 1:9000
  • Siena 1:8 000
  • Pisa 1:7 000
  • Lucca 1: 12 000

Florence City Map -

This soft-laminated folded map of Florence shows:

  • Florence Centre 1:7 000
  • Fiésole 1:12 000
  • Pisa 1:7 000
  • Florence & Environs 1:80 000
  • Florence & Region 1: 450 000
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore 1: 1 900

Rome City Map -

This soft-laminated folded map of Rome shows:

  • Roma 1:15 000
  • Roma Centro 1:11 000
  • Vaticano 1:7 000
  • Roma & Regione 1:250 000, Foro Romano 1:7 000

Venice City Map -

This soft-laminated folded map of Venice shows:

  • Venice 1:6 500
  • Venice Lagoon 1:95 000
  • Murano 1:8 000
  • Torcello 1:8 000
  • Burano 1:8 000
  • Lido 1:13 500
  • Veneto 1:900 000

This map includes street plans of Florence, Siena, Pisa and Lucca. The main map extends just over the border with Umbria to include the whole of Lake Trasimeno and Perugia. The map provides an overview of the region’s main road connections, with many local roads also included, and shows local railway links. Relief shading with names of hill ranges and selected peaks indicates the topography. Symbols highlight places of interest, archaeological sites, campsites, beaches and marinas, etc.

On the reverse there are street plans of central Florence extending over the Arno to include the Boboli Gardens, Siena, Pisa and Lucca. The plans highlight numerous places of interest, selected hotels, etc. Both the main map and the street plans are indexed for localities/streets, main sights, hotels, etc. Also included is information on the region’s climate and a small administrative map of Italy.

This map combines plan of the city with street plans of Fiésole and central Pisa, a map of the city and its environs, and a road map of most of northern Tuscany. The street plan of Florence extends west to Ponte dellla Vittoria, north to beyond the Firenze EXPO, east to Ponte G. da Verranzzano, and south to the Bobolino district to include the Boboli Gardens. The plan shows one way streets and highlights places of interest, selected accommodation, etc. An inset shows Fiésole.

On the reverse is a street plan of central Pisa, from the railway station north to the Leaning Tower. A road map covers Florence and its environs, showing access from the A1 motorway and the airport. A wider part of Tuscany is presented extending over to Lucca, Pisa and the coast, and south to Siena. All the plans and maps are indexed with lists of streets/localities plus main sights and places of interest.

Also included are lists of the top 24 sights in Florence and 12 in Pisa, a ground plan of the Duomo, a small map of Italy showing its administrative regions, and information on the city’s climate.

This map combines a street plan of Rome with enlargements for the central part, the Vatican, the Foro Romano - Coliseum area, and a map of the environs. The main plan extends from Foro Italico and the Olympic Village to EUR complex and Palazzo dello Sport, and west-east from the Vatican to the Campo Verano cemetery. The plan shows the metro network, one way streets, numerous churches and historical sights, etc.

An enlargement at 1:11,000 shows the central part of the city, from the Vatican to the Roma-Termini station and from Piazza del Popolo to the Coliseum in greater detail. Further enlargements present the Vatican plus the archeological remains of the Foro Romano, annotated with brief descriptions of main sites. A road map of the city’s environs shows access to the surrounding countryside, including the coast, Castel Gandolfo and Colli Albani. The plans and the road map are indexed with lists of streets/localities plus main sights and places of interest.

Also included is a list of the city’s top 33 sights, all highlighted on the plans, a diagram of the metro network, a small road map showing access to the city from Florence, Naples and the Adriatic coast, plus information on the city’s climate.

This map combines a street plan of the city with plans of Murano, Burano, Torcello and the central part of the Lido, plus a road map of a large part of the mainland including Verona, Padua, Treviso, Mantua, etc.

The main plan covers the city prominently highlighting its numerous places of interest, including names of the main buildings along the Grand Canal. Locations of selected hotels are also shown. Vaporetto lines are marked and stations indicate line numbers. Coverage of the city does not extend to its west and east extremities – the map does cover the Biennale grounds but the parking facilities on Tronchetto are not included. An inset shows all the vaporetto lines across the city’s canals and the lagoon.

On the reverse is a map at of the northern part of the lagoon showing the city’s road connection with the mainland, the islands, and the campsites around Punta Sabbioni. Street plans show Merano, Burano, the access from the vaporetto station to cathedral on Torcello, and the central part of the Lido.

A road map of mainland highlights the city’s road connections with Verona, Vicenza, Padua, Treviso, Udine and the Dolomites.

All the plans and the maps are indexed, with lists of streets/localities, plus sights, public buildings, etc.

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