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The Architecture of the Italian Renaissance, Peter Murray

A classic guide to one of the most pivotal periods in art and architectural history, this book is both comprehensive and comprehensible. From Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Palladio, and Brunelleschi to St. Peter's in Rome, the palaces of Venice, and the Medici Chapel in Florence, this illustrated book is an accessible guide to the architectural life of Italy from the 13th through the 16th centuries.

$17.95 (softcover)

Lonely Planet Walking in Italy, $17.95


This shopper's bible profiles Italy's hottest destinations so you can "shop till you drop." These compact, handy guides are packed with inside tips on where to find the most fabulous fashions, the most unique gifts, and the best bargains on everything from antiques to housewares. The author personally visits each establishment profiled in the book and gives readers her opinionated assessments. The book covers the entire shopping scene, from big- name department stores and fashionable boutiques to specialty shops and street markets. From trend-setting boutiques to colorful pottery shops along the Amalfi Coast, BORN TO SHOP tells you where and how to shop in Italy. Includes regional shopping strategies, an extensive alphabetical guide to Italian life and style, and highly selective recommendations for places to stay and eat. Includes Maps. The majority of the book deals with Florence, Milan, Rome, and Venice New titles from IBID


THE GARDEN LOVERS GUIDE TO ITALY, Penelope Hobhouse,$19.95

Over 100 historic and beautiful Italian gardens, both public and private and open (at least by appointment) to the public are examined in this guide. Organized by region and located on regional maps, each garden is briefly described with details about its distinctive characteristics, hidden charms and striking features, shown in a full-color photograph, and described with a brief overview of open hours, contact information, driving directions, and nearby cultural attractions. Intricate three-dimensional garden plans are shown for a few of them.


Italian Days, Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

Italian Days traverses the Italian peninsula and immerses readers in a culture which, in its inexhaustible depth and ripeness, provides a definition of the good life. Harrison brings us a fascinating mixture of history, politics, folklore, food, architecture, arts, and literature, studded along with local anecdotes and personal reflections. From modern, fashionable Milan to historic Rome to primitive Calabria, Harrison reveals in all its glory the country of her origins, where the keys to her past are held by those who never left. This deeply engaging travelog is a contemporary classic, beautifully and eloquently written.

$14.00 (softcover)


Desiring Italy, Susan Cahill, ed.

In this anthology and traveller's companion, 28 first-rate women writers reveal why Italy is so seductive to women. Kate Simon walks us through a Siena filled with surprises and luminous beauty. Elizabeth Spencer writes of first coming to Italy and finding "home", Shirley Hazzard explores the mysteries of Naples. Muriel Spark writes on Venice, Edith Wharton on Rome, George Eliot on Florence, Barbara Grizzuti Harrison on San Gimignano, Patricia Hampl on Assisi. Other writers contemplate the idiosyncratic glories of Italy's architecture, cooking, art, and landscape; its culture; its places and people. As these writers tell their stories -- in fiction, memoir, and essay- of coming to understand Italy, they explore the complexity of their passions for it, mingling affection and ecstasy.

$12.95 (softcover)

PICTURES FROM ITALY, $11.95 Charles Dickens

In 1844, Charles Dickens took a break from his novel-writing to travel in Italy. This travelog is the result of his encounters with Italy's colorful street life, the visible signs of its richly textured past, and its urban desolation. Dickens was particularly drawn to the costumes, cross-dressing, and sheer exuberant energy of the Roman carnival. Avoiding traditional tourist sites, Pictures from Italy reveals Dickens' anxieties and concerns as he presents, according to Kate Flint, the country "like a chaotic magic-lantern show, fascinated both by the spectacle it offers, and by himself as spectator."

ITALIAN HOURS, $13.95 Henry James

Of all James' travel writings, this volume holds the most pleasure for the reader -- as a warm, careful introduction to a beloved country, as a happy experience shared, and as one of the world's great examples of expository writing. These absorbing essays provide far-reaching comment on artistic production, religion, social upheaval and the movement into the modern age, as well as the power of reminiscence and the nature of travel itself.


Written at the height of D.H. Lawrence's creative energies these three pieces sparkle with the humor and lively sensory images for which he is known.

  • Twilight in Italy (1916) is is a vibrant account of Lawrence's stay among the people of Lake Garda, whose decaying lemon gardens bear witness to the twilight of a way of life centuries old.
  • Sea and Sardina brings to life the vigorous spontaneity of a society as yet untouched by the deadening effect of industrialization.
  • Etruscan Places is a beautiful and delicate work of literary are, the record of " a dying man drinking from the founts of a civilization dedicated to life." Features an introduction by Anthony Burgess.

Traveler's Tales Italy: True Stories of Life on the Road, $17.95, Anne Calcagno, ed.

Filled with articles by contemporary visitors to Italy, this anthology focuses on contemporary and up-to-date visions of Italy. The tales invite readers to meet sculptors, olive harvesters, art historians, cooks, and grandparents, whose tales soar with opera and simmer with bribes. Funny, heart-wrenching, and smart, the book reveals ancient Italy as always new and contemporary Italy as one that speaks the old verities of the heart. Authors include Frances Mayes, Tim Parks, and Luigi Barzini. A final chapter includes practical advice.

Italy in Mind, $14.00, Alice Leccese Powers, ed.

Life abounds in this witty and atmospheric anthology, in which 41 literary travellers train their sensibilities on various aspects of the Italian scene and together capture all lf its contradictions: enduring tradition and trendy consumerism, ravishing landscapes and urban sprawl, demonic bureaucracy and unvanquishable human warmth. Short stories, novel excerpts, essays, poetry journals and letters show Barbara Grizzuti Harrison marveling at baroque Sicilian confections, Mary McCarthy celebrating Venice's threadbare dignity, Henry James's Isabel Archer succumbing to the treacherous antiquities of Florence, and Ernest Hemingway's Frederic Henry rowing across Lago Maggiore.


Culture Shock! Italy, Raymond Flower & Alessandro Falassi

Whether for a long-term stay or a lazy weekend, Culture Shock! provides a fun-filled crash course on the do's and don'ts of a foreign land. Each book informs readers through such topics as language, food and entertaining, social customs, festivals, relationships, and helpful business tips, as well as many explanations of daily sights and scenes which might be totally alien and confusing to travellers. There are tips on political traditions, building business relationships, and the intricacies of setting up a home or office. This book is ideal for business travellers, students, and tourists who want to make a sincere attempt to cross the bridge into a new and exciting culture.

The Italians: a Full-length Portrait Featuring Their Manners and Morals, Luigi Barzini

First published in 1964, this classic portrait of the Italian people delves into the Italian national character, exploring both its great qualities and its imperfections. Barzini is startlingly frank as he examines "the two Italies": the one that created and nurtured such luminaries as Dante Alighieri, St. Thomas of Aquino, and Leonardo da Vinci; the other, feeble and prone to catastrophe, backward in political action if not in thought, "invaded, ravaged, sacked, and humiliated in every century." Deeply ambivalent, Barzini approaches his task with a combination of love, hate, disillusion, and affectionate paternalism, resulting in a completely original, thoughtful, and probing picture of his countrymen.

$13.95 (softcover)
$14.00 (softcover)

The Italian Way: Aspects of Behavior, Attitudes, and Customs of the Italians, Mario Costantino and Lawrence R Gambella : $12.95

'The Italian Way' is a handy guide to understanding how people from every corner of Italy think, do business, and act in their daily lives.


A Traveller's History of Italy, $14.95, Lintner Valerio

The history of Italy is central to the European experience. Through the supremacy of Rome, Italy enjoyed its greatest influence, as Roman power stretched from the Atlantic to the borders of Mesopotamia, and from the Scottish Lowlands to the Sahara Desert. A Traveller's History of Italy moves from Italy's pre-historic and Etruscan civilizations, through the Roman Empire and the Renaissance, the creation of modern Italy, fascism and World War II, and the role of Italy in today's Europe, right up to the present, all in a concise 252 readable pages. Designed for a quick introduction, It puts names and places in the country into proper perspective goes a long way in explaining to the traveller just who has walked the stones of Rome before him.


Open Road: Italy with Kids, Barbara Pape and Michael _____, $16.95

Italy With Kids shows families the best that Italy has to offer. A wide assortment of family-oriented resorts and hotels are reviewed, as are restaurants that specifically cater to families. Readers will find out which museums are geared for kids, which shops sell items kids might need, which beach and ski resorts are all-inclusive and have babysitting programs, and much more. While the focus is Rome, Venice and Florence, smaller towns and offbeat destinations are featured as well. Special sections include travel planning for families, health and safety, packing for kids, and unique activities for kids in Italy.


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Questar 60 min $29.95

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