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Bradt guides are noted mostly for publishing travel guides to remote and little-visited destinations.

Through 30 years of publishing, Bradt has focused on the adventurous traveller who seeks out off-beat places and the dreamer who would like to travel there but perhaps never will. The books provide accurate information about such essentials as hotels and transport while enhancing the visitor's experience through insights into the local culture and natural history and they've been winning awards, among them the Sunday Times Small Publisher Award.

From the start Bradt has been eccentric. Since the first Bradt guide, Backpacking Along Ancient Ways in Peru and Bolivia, was written on a river barge in Bolivia and typed on a borrowed typewriter in an isolated jungle town, Bradt has eschewed the usual ways of doing things. They publish guides to unusual or newly emerging destinations and they explore fresh aspects of popular places.

Recently Bradt has invited readers into their eccentric world through the Eccentric series. Natural history is one of the publisher's enthusiasms so they have published Wildlife guides to Madagascar, the Galapagos, the Arctic and Antarctic. And you'll also find a range of guides for backpackers and trekkers wanting to explore locations as diverse as old Inca roads, snow-capped volcanoes, Amazon rainforest, polar wilderness and African savannah.

The Series:
  • Travel Guides - The country guides cover major cities in detail and are particularly handy for sightseeing, culture and practicalities. Many of them offer a host of opportunities for thrillseekers from white-water rafting down the Zambezi river and diving off Caribbean coral reefs to exploring the Gobi desert on camelback, dog-sledding in north Canada and ballooning over Africa.

  • City Guides - City guides cover some of the more unusual corners of Europe and beyond, typically Riga, Tallinn and Kiev.

  • Backpacking Guides - This is a series of guides for backpackers and trekkers who want to explore locations as diverse as old Inca roads, snow-capped volcanoes, Amazon rainforest, polar wilderness and African savannah.

  • Eccentrics - For those with a taste for the bizarre, the Eccentric series provides food for thought. Great armchair reads and gifts books, they are also designed to be the perfect tools for exploring extraordinary places and events: a calendar of eccentric events, maps for off-beat journeys and opening times for amazing museums and places provide the basis for travel with a twist.

  • Wildlife Guides - The Wildlife series focuses on specific fauna-rich regions. With contributions from natural history experts, they include a guide to identifying species and where best to find them, and information on local conservation initiatives.

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