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Insight Guides

If you're looking for inspiration and comprehensive planning advice, the main Insight Guides are for you. Each book contains hundreds of beautiful photographs that inspire and inform, and the lively features on history, people and culture paint a vivid portrait of contemporary life. Beautiful color features focus on fascinating and unusual cultural traditions in the destination. The key attractions and experiences of each area are covered in detail, and all main sights are cross-referenced to high-quality mapping. Independent reviews guide to you the best places to stay and eat, while an overview of practical information shows how to plan your trip and get around with ease. 288-496 pages.

Insight City Guides

Insight City Guides are practical guides that are perfect for long and short city breaks. Their vivid images illustrate every facet of the destination, and descriptions of each attraction are accompanied by detailed practical information. The essays on history and culture are a great read and bring to life the city's past and present. Seeking out the coolest shops, bistros, bars and cafes is an essential part of any city break, and these volumes list the best in each neighborhood. Other features include an indexed Atlas section plotting hotels and restaurants, full-color maps, and floor-plans of major museums and galleries. 256-273 pages.

Insight Step by Step Guides

Insight Step by Step Guides cover a destination through a series of walks and excursions. The destination's past and present are explained in a nutshell, the carefully devised routes link the highlights, and the excursions explore interesting places to see within easy reach of a central point. There are plenty of tips on what to buy, where to eat and where to stay out late, with hotel recommendations and essential practical information. The detailed pull-out map gives an overview of the tours and can also be used independently of the guide. 96-104 pages.

Insight Select Guides

Planning a trip that's a little different? Insight Select Guides are sleek guides that offer both style and substance. The In The Mood For? chapter is an intriguing array of hip, unusual and quirky ideas to match whatever you feel like doing, while in the Neighborhoods chapters provide 100 interesting ideas on how to spend your day. Evocative photography is matched by high-quality maps and lively, informative text. Linen bound, with a matching bookmark, these guides also make a stylish gift for the urban sophisticate. 192 pages.

Insight Explore Guides

Discover the world's best cities and regions with Insight Explore Guides, these pocket-sized guides featuring the very best routes around the world's most exciting destinations. The recommended walks and tours, written by local experts, will ensure that you don't miss a thing on your visit, whether you are in a destination for 2 nights or 2 weeks. Like all Insight Guides, these guides contain background information on the history and culture of each destination, followed by around 15 suggested routes, which incorporate the best sights and lesser-known insider spots alongside some great cafe and refreshment stops. Unique hotel and restaurant listings and a detailed practical directory further help you plan your trip. 128-144 pages.

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