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a Guide to Where, What and When to Do It

Author: Andrew Bain

This is an inspirational planning tool to take you all around the world in pursuit of adventure. Every week of the year, somewhere around in the world, there is an adventure experience to be had. This guide will tell you about adventure activities all over the world, and the best times to undertake them.

Discover a whole range of extraordinary experiences, including hiking in New Zealand, diving with sharks in South Africa, ballooning in Switzerland and storm watching in Alaska. Choose from over 100 activities in 130 countries, some to challenge you, some to enjoy at a leisurely pace, and catering to all fitness levels. After all, adventure doesn't need to mean hardship. Be inspired and plan a year to remember!

Divided into 52 weeks, each section profiles the very best adventure holidays to immerse yourself in at that time – whether it’s trekking Iceland’s interior at one of the only times of the year it’s accessible (August), encountering Costa Rica’s 850 animal species during the country’s driest month (February), or seeing the rapids of Victoria Falls at their best (November). Each entry includes an inspiring description of the activity and captivating photographs, as well as essential information such as ‘why now?’ and the fitness or expertise level required.

The book also demonstrates that adventure holidays don’t have to involve putting your life in your hands – the book profiles everything from the North Pole Marathon (requiring superior fitness!) to watching wild turtles in Vanuatu (no strenuous activity involved). Whether high or low impact, the common link between each experience is that they evoke the spirit of adventure: achievement, discovery, wonder, and taking yourself out of the everyday.

Featuring fun-filled family activities like ballooning, fishing and horse riding; perennially popular activities like cycling, diving, mountaineering, sailing, and trekking to cutting-edge experiences like bungy jumping, heli-skiing, zip lining and even space travel, A Year of Adventures makes an ideal gift for anyone with an adventurous spirit.

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