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Michelin patented the pneumatic, or air-filled, automobile tire in the late 1800s. This was a milestone moment in mobility; it permitted automobile owners to travel at great length in a single journey. Then, in an effort to prompt travellers to enjoy their newfound mobility, the company created guides – and detailed maps – to steer travellers on their way. Now Michelin maps and guides are known throughout the world for their accuracy, conciseness and ability to seek out the best. Michelin's Red Guides highlight hotels and restaurants; Green Guides highlight sites. Green Guides are coordinated with Michelin's maps.

GREEN GUIDES - the guides to sights
Michelin Green Guides offer suggestions on what to see and what to do, background on history and cultural heritage as well as maps and suggested itineraries.
Green Guide features:
  • Principal sights map highlighting "must-sees" at a glance
  • Historical details of the famous and the unusual
  • Walking and driving itineraries
  • Easy to use star-rating system

    Sights are rated:

            *** worth a journey
            **   worth a detour
            *     interesting

  • Insider tips on hotels, restaurants and shopping
  • Photos, tidbits and fun facts
  • Practical information such as local weather, exchange rates, necessary travel documents, entry fees, and calendar of events
  • Every sight visited by Michelin editors, writers or researchers
  • Accurate and detailed maps highlighting major sights and entertainment spots
  • Convenient size
RED GUIDES - the guides to food and lodging

Michelin Red Guides provide consistent information about hotels and restaurants and include an internationally-recognized rating system. Red Guides offer up to 10,000 addresses, ranging from small hostels to luxury hotels and from small eateries to gourmet restaurants and include suggestions for local cafes and authentic local food as well as highly rated gourmet restaurants and cuisine.

Red Guides are written in the language of the country but consist almost entirely of internationally recognized symbols and include an introduction in English explaining them.

Michelin's Red Guides stand out from the pack particularly because of their:

  • Anonymous inspections
    Inspectors make regular and anonymous visits to hotels and restaurants to gauge the quality of products and services offered to an ordinary customer. They settle their own bill and may then introduce themselves and ask for more information about the establishment. The approximately 45,000 letters received from readers every year are also a valuable source of information, which can then be followed up with another visit.
  • Independence
    The choice of establishments is a completely independent one, made for the benefit of the readers alone. The decisions to be taken are discussed around the table by the inspectors and the Editor. Inclusion in the Guide is completely free of charge. Michelin alone decides which establishments are selected and included in the Guide.
  • Uniform methodology
    The Guide offers a selection of the best hotels and restaurants in all comfort and price categories. In making their selection, inspectors rigorously apply the same methodology everywhere.
  • Annual updates
    Practical information, ratings and distinctions are reviewed and updated every year to ensure their accuracy. With each new edition of the Guide, hundreds of thousands of items are checked, modified, enhanced or changed.
  • Consistency
    The criteria for the classifications are the same for the 21 countries covered by the Guide, taking into account the different characteristics of each country.

NOTE: Some Red Guides features only restaurants and do not include hotels.  These guides are designated by the term Restaurant in their titles.

Red Guide features:
  • Text describing each hotel and restaurant listed

  • Particularly pleasant and welcoming hotels and restaurants, with character or in a unique setting, as well as top quality service

  • A selection of typical establishments from different European countries:

    guesthouses, B&B in GB & Ireland, and agriturismo in Italy

    pubs in Great Britain & Ireland

  • tapas bars in Spain

  • Hotels and restaurants designated on maps
  • Ratings for each hotel and restaurant and basic descriptions with internationally recognized symbols

    ...       ...

  • Star rating system

Stars from 1 to 3 designate a special culinary experience; special symbols highlight good local and affordable food

  • "Bib Gourmand" symbols indicate good food at reasonable prices

  • English-language index with practical information on regional food and drink favorites, suggested tipping, road rules, and travel distances from major cities

Map features:
  • Color-coding to indicate the amount of detail

Red maps (National Maps) cover the main road network of a country or group of countries and give an overall picture of your route

Town plans
Place name index
Driving information

Orange maps (Regional Maps) cover the main regions of a country and show primary & secondary road networks

Administrative boundaries
Scenic routes
Place name index
Time and distance charts
Plans for all major towns
  Blue maps (City Maps) cover the heart of major municipalities and show car parks, one-way streets, public transport as well as practical information - from hospitals and service stations to entertainment and shops.
a word or two about map scales
  • Current information highlights restrictions, road construction and distances

  • Road atlases in spiral format

  • Maps and guides cross-reference the entire Michelin collection

  • Country maps updated annually

  • Destination names printed in language of the country

Touring & Motoring Atlas features:
Touring & Motoring atlases cover a whole country or group of countries and show primary and secondary roads, some local roads, and a number of city plans.
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