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Edited by Jon Krakauer (Into Thin Air)
This series reprises exploration/adventure classics that until now have been out of print. Chosen for literary merit and historical significance as well as their great readability, these books provide a look at the shifting rationales given by explorers over the ages for why anyone would willingly subject himself to such unthinkable hazards and hardships.
THE SHAMELESS DIARY OF AN EXPLORER: A Story of Failure on Mt. McKinley, Robert Dunn - a frank, sardonic, no-holds-barred look at day-to-day existence on a 1907 Alaskan expedition. Led by Frederick Cook (who would later win infamy for faking the discovery of the North Pole), the climbers failed to conquer McKinley, but they did circumnavigate the great peak—an accomplishment not repeated until 1978. GREAT EXPLORATION HOAXES, David Roberts - demonstrating that the qualities that brought an individual so close to his goal were often the same ones that drove him to fake success, this is history at its best: entertaining, provocative, and revealing of human nature.
$14.95 (softcover)
$14.95 (softcover)
NOTES FROM THE CENTURY BEFORE: A Journal from British Columbia, Edward Hoagland - an account of Hoagland's 1966 venture into the wild country of British Columbia where he encountered a way of life that was disappearing even as he chronicled it. Hoagland’s gift for portraiture—his cast runs from salty prospector to trader, explorer, missionary, and indigenous guide—provides a breathtaking mix of anecdote, derring-do, and unparalleled elegy from one of the finest writers of our time. THE MOUNTAINS OF MY LIFE, Walter Bonatti - the classic writings of this world-famous mountaineer and his version of the 1954 controversy over the events on K2. Bonatti's selfless actions helped avert disaster, yet in the expedition's aftermath he found himself cast as a scapegoat. Part detective story, part hair-raising adventure, part meditation on his craft, this book is both awe-inspiring and controversial.
$13.95 (softcover)
$14.95 (softcover)
IN THE LAND OF WHITE DEATH, Valerian Albanov - the story of the crew of the Russian vessel Santa Anna, frozen into the polar ice cap then, after waiting nearly 18 months for rescue, setting out on foot across hundreds of miles of ice hoping to reach safety (only two survived). LA SALLE AND THE DISCOVERY OF THE GREAT WEST, Francis Parkman - the account of the astonishing journeys of Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, as he crisscrossed the wilds of 17th-century America hoping to discover a navigable waterway to the orient.
$12.95 (hardcover)
$14.95 (softcover)
WEIRD AND TRAGIC SHORES, Chauncey Loomis - the biography-cum-mystery of a nameless Cincinnati businessman who made a fatal expedition to the far north in search of Sir John Franklin and his party, who disappeared while exploring the Arctic.
$14.95 (softcover)
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