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Travelers' Tales books for and about women celebrate women's determination, daring, and adventurous spirit. Whether you're making travel plans, hope to make travel plans, or are an armchair traveller, you can share in the words of women writers of all ages. These books will motivate, inspire, empower and encourage you in your journeys and your dreams.
Sand In My Bra & Other Misadventures: Funny Women Write from the Road

Whose Panties Are These? More Misadventures from Funny Women on the Road The Thong Also Rises: Further Misadventures from Funny Women on the Road
Editor: Jennifer Leo Editor: Jennifer Leo Editor: Jennifer Leo
Travel isn't always what we dream it will be, but oh…the stories we can tell later! For the women in this book, packing a sense of humor was essential to the success of their trips. From Australia to Zambia, Thailand to Kuwait, the true stories in Sand in My Bra will not only have you shaking your head in disbelief, they’ll induce smiles, groans, cackles, and guffaws. The best travel stories often hatch when things go completely wrong, and this book is filled with sidesplitting stories of female misadventure around the world. Showcasing every known type of travel blunder, botch, stumble, and bumble, these rollicking stories come from all reaches of the globe and are told from a quintessentially female point of view. Travel girls gone wild! It's not about their underwear, it's about gut-busting adventures. These funny women on the road just can't stop laughing about the global messes they get themselves into. Jen Leo brings you dozens of crazy Ms.-Adventures from Egypt to North Dakota and back home again.Howl, cry, guffaw, and commiserate with these adventuresses.
$14.95 (softcover)
$14.95 (softcover)
$14.95 (softcover)
Her Fork in the Road: Women Celebrate Food and Travel The World is a Kitchen: True Stories of Cooking Your Way Through Culture
Editor: Lisa Bach Editors: Michele Anna Jordan and Susan Brady
Women's relationship with food is as nuanced as our most intriguing journeys: passionate and obsessive; embracing and comforting; complex and frustrating; even surprising. This savory sampling of stories journeys across borders and cultures to the heart of this age-old relationship - from familiar kitchens to the globe's far reaches. Readers are inspired to experience food in a new way, to explore new lands, new cultures, and new cuisines. Chefs, travel writers, and dedicated foodies share their unique experiences, transporting readers into kitchens in Morocco, Italy, Belize, Cypress, Kenya, Vietnam, and elsewhere, revealing the diverse traditions of other countries through their cuisine. Explore the gastronomic side of travel through these stories, trying the hard-won and treasured recipes as you go along, and then get ready to plan your own adventure.
$16.95 (softcover)
$16.95 (softcover)
A Woman's Asia A Woman's Europe
Editor: Marybeth Bond Editor: Marybeth Bond
In this inspiring collection, readers explore the legend of Kuan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion; encounter the plight of poor women in rural India; discover their own cultural space through bathing with elephants in India; bridge the chasm dividing West and East through teaching English in Laos; confront their moral choices over dinner in Bangkok; dance with the ghost of Genghis Khan in Mongolia; come of age in Bali; and much more. A Woman's Europe is a collection of inspiring and entertaining true stories by women about their travels throughout the Continent. These stories highlight women discovering peculiarly European pleasures - the romantic realities of a gondolier's life on a ride through the Venice canals; meeting a comforting Swiss matron when a village visit becomes lonely and confusing; the meaning behind rituals like picking olives or learning flamenco.
$17.95 (softcover)
$17.95 (softcover)
Women in the Wild: True Stories of Adventure and Connection A Woman's Path: Women's Best Spiritual Travel Writing
Editor: Lucy McCauley Editors: Lucy McCauley, Amy G. Carlson, and Jennifer Leo
Building on the success of A Woman's World, Women in the Wild shares the adventures of renowned women as they foray into the wilderness -- kayaking, flying, swimming, hiking, camping, and climbing their way around the globe. Notable authors include: Alice Walker, Jane Goodall, Robyn Davidson, Gretel Ehrlich, and Annie Dillard. Women journey on a variety of paths to understand both the geographical and the spiritual. This remarkable ensemble of women write about their spiritual awakenings, sharing the experiences that led to their spiritual growth and transformation.
$17.95 (softcover)
$16.95 (softcover)
  Kite Strings of the Southern Cross: A Woman's Travel Odyssey  
  Author: Laurie Gough  
  This is a passionate journey of love, discovery, and serendipity that radiates from a remote beach in Fiji to the far reaches of the globe. Author Laurie Gough boldly embraces the pilgrim in us with wisdom beyond her years. Her story is heartwarming, funny, and wise...a profound testament to the lessons of the road.  
  $14.95 (softcover)
Gutsy Women: Travel Tips and Wisdom for the Road Safety and Security for Women Who Travel
Author: Marybeth Bond Authors: Sheila Swan & Peter Laufer

This is a great book for any woman traveller, and a useful gift for young women just heading out to see the world. It is packed with funny, instructive, and inspiring advice, including:

  • how to stay healthy
  • tips on romance and thwarting unwelcome advances
  • how to save money and avoid "budget killers"
  • how to tip, when to bargain, and much more

This book will help you travel the world over with confidence. Through stories and tips as well as insightful and entertaining anecdotes, you'll learn how to take care of yourself and feel good on your journeys as you do at home. Learn how to:

  • spot a scam artist
  • avoid sexual predators
  • determine when a threat is real
  • stay centered in a bad situation
  • trust your instincts and intuition
  • have fun in spite of travel snafus
  • and much more
$12.95 (softcover)
$12.95 (softcover)
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