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Author: Eric Enders

Going to a ball game is one of America’s favorite pastimes and, like the country itself, it has changed with the times from being a popular amateur sport to a high-tech multi-billion dollar business.

One of the most obvious changes for the fan is the park that he visits to support his local team. Gone are the days of wooden benches and home made hot dogs along with most of the original stadiums themselves, bulldozed to make way for the multi-seat emporiums that a successful ball team now demands. Baseball began in 19th-century America and, when they were first built, ballparks were nothing more than wooden stands set up along the foul lines of the game, constructed hastily as a practicality with no attention to comfort or additional amenities. However, as baseball became recognized as a national pastime, more effort and thought went into the design of baseball parks. Sometimes the old ballpark has given way to the new, but more often than not, the park itself has moved entirely to another, bigger site.

At the turn of the 1990s, a ballpark renaissance was underway and a new wave of retro stadiums emerged. With the aid of historic photography, Ballparks Then and Now showcases these wonderful old baseball grounds that are so full of nostalgia and shows their modern counterparts in contemporary photographs. This book documents the many changing faces of these ballparks, including the current American and National League parks, as well as former league stadiums. It is an engaging insight into this ever-popular national pastime.

$19.98 (hardcover)

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