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Travelers' Tales: Publishers' of Wit and Wisdom from Travelers Around the World has published a number of titles of special interest to women. Among our favorites are Her Fork in the Road (tales about women and food on the road), Gutsy Women (travel tips for women) and Sand in My Bra and Other Misadventures (funny tales about women and travel).

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The Unsavvy Traveler: Women's Comic Tales of Catastrophe, Rosemary Caperton et al (editors)

Here are 28 funny responses to the question: "What happens when trips go wrong?" The Unsavvy Traveler is a collection of funny tales of the travel misadventures of over 25 women: Alice Evans, a journalist and environmentalist, battles a bear deep in the Tennessee woods, armed only with a bag of peanut M&Ms. Amateur shutterbug Nancy Cooper Frank is attacked by a furious nude model in Germany. Poet Ingrid Wendt unwittingly spews obscenities for a gathering of the Italian literati. Laid low by a foot injury, Alle Hall crawls on hands and knees around the temples of Angkor Wat, garnering curious stares from locals and tourists alike. In her first months as a teacher in picturesque Matsumoto, Japan, Marilyn Abildskov wrangles with curious forms of bathroom etiquette.

These writers are the comedic casualties of the tourism industry -- the trekkers who discover the necessity of preparation far too late, the new expatriates navigating the confusing twists of a new cultural environment or the irreproachable, travellers suddenly beset by the devilish whims of destiny. With wry humor and unabashed honesty, these stories convey the merriest spirit of the intrepid adventurer.

$15.95 (softcover)

Tribe of Women: A Photojournalist Chronicles the Lives of Her Sisters Around the Globe, Connie Bickman

Bickman has spent over a decade documenting, in photographs and writing, the personal stories of women of every creed, color, language, and class. Tribe of Women collects the best of her work and invites the reader to discover these women and their worlds through the lens and pen of a this seasoned observer. Over 200 full-color photographs illustrate the text.

Bickmanís travels have taken her down the Amazon on a boat and up the Great Pyramid of Cheops. From the Muslim woman who risked her life in letting her picture be taken (only her eyes showed through the opening in her veil), to the clay-covered Nomadic woman in Namibia carrying a goat like a cloak, to the young girls around the village of Medugorje, where the Madonna is alive to the faithful, Bickmanís subjects share the bond of humanity and service ó service to their families, their communities, and their gods.

$24.95 (hardcover)

Women of Discovery: A Celebration of Intrepid Women Who Explored the World, Milbry Polk & Mary Tiegreen

Across the centuries and from many lands, women have set forth on journeys of exploration. Visionaries, adventurers, artists, and scientists, women challenged the limitations, both physical and social, of their times and, in the face of formidable challenges, expanded the world's body of knowledge.

Here are the tales of more than 80 of these extraordinary explorers and adventurers, such as the valiant 10th-century Viking adventurer Unn the Deep Minded and 17th-century Spanish conquistadora Catalina de Erauso. Intrepid explorers like Mary Kingsley in Africa, Alexandra David-Neel in Tibet, and Freya Stark in the Middle East travelled into the blank spaces on the map. Artist explorers, including painter Anna Maria Sibylla Merian in Surinam, writer Zora Neale Hurston in Haiti, and photographer Ruth Robertson in South America, captured in their art the beauty and mystery of exotic lands. Many brave women have ventured into extreme environments to bring back knowledge, whether they were aviators like Amelia Earhart, mountaineers like Annie Smith Peck, or Arctic explorers like Irina and Valentina Kuznetsova. And the annals of science would be far poorer without the work of such women as primatologists Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey, ethnobotanist Nicole Maxwell, and ichthyologist Eugenie Clark.

This is truly a gathering of heroines, full of tales of courage, talent, intelligence, and sheer determination and begins with a foreword by journalist Christiane Amanpour.

$40.00 (hardcover)
Tales of a Female Nomad: Living at Large in the World, Rita Golden Gelman

At the age of 46, Gelman turned her back on a failed marriage, cast off her conventional life, and embarked on a journey toward independence. Years later, she is still moving. She has no permanent address, lives off her small royalties as a children's book author, and has made an art form of moving to a new country and becoming a part of the local fabric of life.

This is a richly detailed, funny, and fast-paced chronicle of her travels and her personal transformation. From her first tentative trip to Mexico, to her adventures as a tour guide in the Galapagos Islands, living in a royal palace in Bali, joining an expedition to observe orangutans in Borneo, and much more, she describes her fears and mistakes and what they taught her about herself. She also captures the joys of connecting with other travellers and local residents, and of learning to be alone.

$23.00 (hardcover)
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