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Warranty Information

The Eagle Creek label is your best guarantee. All Eagle Creek products are manufactured with the highest standard of workmanship and the best quality materials available and backed by either a "Limited Lifetime Warranty" or a "No Matter What Warranty". A lifetime, it is assumed, in the hands of a curious and adventurous soul.

Guaranteed For Life

Lifetime Warranty

Guaranteed for life. That's how long every piece of Eagle Creek gear is guaranteed. You won't blow a zipper or loose a wheel and feel like you have to toss out your bag. To start with, you most likely will never blow a zipper or lose a wheel. Eagle Creek uses virtually indestructible oversized zippers, smooth and reliable wheels, shatterproof buckles and whole host of rugged ingredients that make their gear tough enough to stand up to the rigors of real-life travel.

Product contents are not covered under the "Lifetime Warranty" or the "No Matter What Warranty".

No Matter What No Matter What Warranty
Eagle Creek has a special warranty policy for its EXPLORATION SYSTEMS (ES) luggage line.

Eagle Creek is so confident of the engineering and durability of these products that they have added a Damage Repair clause to its existing Lifetime Warranty. This policy states that all Exploration Systems luggage products are covered by a no-matter-what-policy: That elephant in Namibia use your bag as a teething ring? They'll take care of it. Those baggage handlers mistake your Tarmac for a football? They'll fix it. No matter what your bag went through, they'll fix it or replace it for free.

Keep in mind these are damage repair policies, not theft or loss policies.

If you have a defective product call Eagle Creek's Warranty/Repair Service Department at 800-874-1048 and select option #2. They will take approximately 15 minutes of your time to get the pertinent details of your return and provide you with an RMA (return materials authorization) number. 

  • Note the RMA on the outside of your box in clear, bold letters.  Packages without an RMA on the outside of the box will be refused.
  • Enclose a letter of explanation that includes the RMA #, return ship-to address, phone number, e-mail address and any other special instructions.

    The RMA # you receive will be valid for 30 days issue. If you have exceeded the 30 day period, you will need to contact Customer Service to obtain a new authorization number.

• A clean product is much easier (and more pleasant) for Eagle Creek technicians to work with.

Eagle Creek recommends that you hand-wash your item with a mild soap and line dry. Avoid brushing the Cordura or the inside fabric coating with a stiff brush, instead use a soft sponge or cloth. Do not use bleach as this could damage the fabric and the coating. Do not put it in the washing machine or dryer!

• How long will it take to receive my repaired item?

Eagle Creek's turnaround time for repairs is approximately two to three weeks from the day you send it in. If you have questions regarding the status of your repair, contact the Customer Service department and reference your RMA number.

• Who pays freight charges?

You are responsible for sending your product to Eagle Creek. They recommend you use a method that is traceable (i.e. UPS or Fed-Ex). If they determine the problem is warranty related they will assume all costs to repair or replace your product and will ship the item back to you at their expense.

• What shipping method will Eagle Creek use to return my product?

All repaired or replacement items are sent via UPS ground, which provides Eagle Creek a tracking record of the shipment. If you are only able to provide us with a P.O. Box as a return address, your product will be shipped via the US Postal Service.

• What does "lifetime" mean?

The product's "lifetime" specifically refers to the life of the product, or at such a time that, through normal use, the product can no longer function for the specific purpose intended.

• What doesn't the Lifetime Warranty cover?

Eagle Creek's guarantee covers defects in materials or workmanship under normal wear and tear. Excessive wear and tear (i.e. dragging your duffle through 300 miles of gravel road in the Australian outback) is not covered by the warranty. Accidents (your Switchback is run over by a 757 as it fell from the cargo area on its way to Bangkok) or damage incurred as a result of repairs, modifications or alterations done by someone other than Eagle Creek will void the Lifetime Warranty.

• Repair or Replacement?

Repair is Eagle Creek's first option, however, after evaluating your item they may need to replace your product if it is not repairable. Please keep in mind that the warranty provides Eagle Creek with the option to repair first and replacement is not guaranteed. If you state in your letter that your Eagle Creek product is special to you, and you only want it repaired they will honor your wishes and repair it to the best of our ability.

Eagle Creek's repair technicians will also review all seams, zippers, webbings, buckles, wheel systems and other components to assure that everything is functioning properly. This also provides them with valuable data and gives us the opportunity to improve future Eagle Creek products.

Please be advised that it is not Eagle Creek's policy to return your original product if it is irreparable. It will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly fashion, unless you requested beforehand that for sentimental reasons your original product be returned for you. If so, your original repair will be identified inconspicuously as "NO WARRANTY" and returned to you.

• What are my choices in style and color if my Eagle Creek product is replaced?

Every season Eagle Creek introduces new colors and styles to the existing product line. In that process it is sometimes necessary to discontinue certain styles and colors as the market dictates. Eagle Creek will attempt to replace your item with the exact model and color you sent in. If your product model is no longer available, they will replace it with a product that is comparable in price, style and color.

• Why do I have to send my bag to California if I live across the country?

Eagle Creek has set up its repair department to handle all repairs and services that your product may require. Their technicians know your product inside-out and will return it to you in near-new condition. If you insist on using a local repair center, they will probably charge a fee that is not reimbursed by Eagle Creek. Consider that it may also void any future claims for your product under the guarantee.

• I need my pack yesterday. What should I do?

If you need your item returned by a certain date, Eagle Creek will do their best to accommodate you . Please enclose a letter with your product, indicating the desired date. We also recommend that you send it to us via an expedited carrier (i.e. UPS or Fed-Ex). It will receive priority handling once Eagle Creek receives it and they will make every effort to meet your request.

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