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Luggage Labels

The Golden Age of Travel occurred between 1890 and the outbreak of World War II.  During this time wonderful hotels abounded, and the various modes of transport reached their glorious apogee. The labels which were placed on luggage by railroads, steamships or hotels beautifully capture the spirit of the era.   In this Golden Age luggage became a history of travels. The accumulation of labels revealed a traveller's taste as well as the places visited, the transportation used, and the hotels stayed in. The battered, overlaid and randomly applied labels achieved a cumulative personality. Because luggage, like other possessions, was less frequently discarded than it is today, the owner's travel history extended on and on, a concrete autobiography. Glancing at one's suitcases was likely to evoke rainy afternoons in London, frosty nights in the Alps, or perhaps, simply, a business journey through the Midwest.

Luggage labels are like unearthed time capsules, each containing the atmosphere of its past place and time. Laughing Elephant has produced facsimiles of many of these labels, each die-cut and self-adhesive, ready for use.  They can be used for many things, including the enrichment of one's luggage.

These labels are available in eight separate topical sets of 20 labels each as well as a mixed set of 40 labels.

Exotic Destinations
.Most travellers tend to go to the same places. As wonder as they are-Rome, New York, London, Madrid, Hawaii, Jamaica, they are also familiar. Here are labels from hotels on out-of-the-ordinary pathways. This selection includes: Damascus, Asuncion, Tiberias, Nicosia, Victoria Falls, Mysore, Luanda and beyond.
Boxed set of 20 labels
American Byways
Pretend you are on an auto trip around a bygone America, stopping at all the interesting tourist attractions as you go. First, a Maine fishing lodge, then the world's largest alligator farm, then the overseas highway to Key West, then west to Yellowstone, Pike's Peak, Death Valley, the Soboba Mineral Hot Springs, and glorious Mt. Rainier. These, and a dozen more labels, are in this selection.
Boxed set of 20 labels
Great American Cities
In the American Byways set of labels only landmarks and small towns are included. This set is entirely devoted to U.S. cities - New York, San Francisco, Denver, Honolulu, Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, Cleveland, Seattle, Detroit, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and so on.
Boxed set of 20 labels
Grand Hotels
These are chosen from a handful of hotels long recognized for glorious surroundings and remarkable service. Among them are The Nara in Japan, Hotel de la Mamounia in Marrakech, Hôtel Grande Bretagne in Athens, The Ritz in Barcelona, The Pera Palace in Istanbul and The Taj Mahal in Bombay. What splendor these labels invoke!
Boxed set of 20 labels
Sunny Climes
People who live in places with real winters love to travel where the sun always shines. Hotels in warm destinations strive to fulfill this love by featuring beaches, swimming pools, large windows and balconies. This group of labels features a variety of locales including Miami, Rio, Tunisia, Java, Acapulco, Tenerife, Cairo, Trinidad, Ghana, Haiti, and Manila.
Boxed set of 20 labels
This selection of labels celebrates transport by air, land and sea; some of the airline labels included here are TWA, Trans Asiatic, Air India, TACA, and Czechoslovak Airlines. There are ocean liner labels from Matson, Cunard, N.Y.K. and Canadian Pacific. The railroad labels include the Northern Pacific line, The Orient Express, The Flying Scotsman and the Brienzer Rothorn. Only a vastly ambitious traveller could have achieved this selection on their own.
Boxed set of 20 labels
Wings of the World
Despite their relatively brief history, airlines have produced some of the most pleasing of all luggage labels. Their designs are bold, with a modern sensibility. These labels have been selected for beauty, rarity, and variety, and include labels from Garuda, Scadta, Ethiopian, Jersey, Lot Roumanian and Cubana airlines, as well as from larger and more familiar carriers such as B.O.A.C. and Lufthansa.
Boxed set of 20 labels
Bonjour Paris
Paris is, for many travellers, the ultimate destination. The lovely city by the Seine symbolizes romance, adventure, antiquity, beauty, sensuality, sophistication, history and tradition more fully than any other. Its hotels are many and fabulous, as befits such a mythic locale. The label selection includes Parisian hotels existing and defunct, including The Astor, The Trianon, The Robler, The Scribe and more.
Boxed set of 20 labels
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